Can I Use A TV As Computer Monitor?

Is it a good idea to use a TV as a computer monitor? If you are finding an answer to this question, this post will be helpful to you.

Can I use a TV as computer monitor

How would it be if you can do all your tasks such as gaming, watching movies, music, etc. on just a TV screen?

It is possible to connect the TV screen with the computer. But TV screens and monitors are made for different purposes, hence, it is not advisable to use a TV as a computer monitor.

Whether you should use a TV as a monitor is also based on your usage. For example, if you want to use the computer for web browsing, reading emails, work, etc., using a big TV screen may not be a good idea.

Anyhow, if you want to use for gaming, movies, and other entertainment stuff, you may use television as a monitor.


Factors to consider before switching monitor with a TV

Anyway, if you want to use your television screen as the monitor, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Resolution & pixel density
  • Color compression
  • Input lag
  • Refresh rate
  • Response time


Why should you not use a TV as a computer monitor?

Here are some main reasons why using television as a computer monitor is not advisable:

Large screen

One of the main issues with using a TV screen as a monitor is TVs have much larger screens as compared to computer monitors. Television screens are of around 40 inches or more, while computer monitors’ screen size is of 24 to 27 inches.

With a desktop monitor, you are just required to move your eyes to scan the entire page. On the other hand, with a big TV screen, you are required to move your neck very often.


When your big television with 1080 pixels resolution used as a monitor, it will look blurry when it is close up. However, you may not find blurriness when you view from a bit far distance.

As TVs are viewed from a bit far distance, hence, they come in larger screen size as compared to monitors.

If you want to make use of a big screen with your computer, get the monitor with 4K panel. This way, you will get proper screen resolution when it’s close up.

Both are designed differently

Televisions and desktop monitors both are designed differently. Televisions are designed in such a manner that users can watch prerecorded shows & movies without hassle.

As they are designed for consuming prerecorded content, you may find that TV’s input lag is much higher than that of monitors. After using the TV screen as a monitor, you may get frustrated due to long input lag.



At last, I would say that if you want to use the PC for checking emails, browsing the web, work, etc., you should not use the TV screen as a monitor. But, if you want to use for watching movies, playing games, etc., you can use the TV screen as a computer monitor.

I don’t recommend using a TV as a monitor because both are used for different purposes. The features and systems in computer monitor and TVs are designed differently, based on their usage.

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