Are Drawing Tablets With Screens Better?

A drawing tablet can be with or without a screen. Are drawing tablets with screens better? Or without screens are better? This post will answer your question.

Are drawing tablets with screens better

Planning to buy a new drawing tablet? You may be not sure whether to buy a tablet that has a screen or one without a screen.

Drawing or graphics tablet is one of the important accessories of graphic designers. The purpose of this accessory is to enhance the designing experience of the graphic designer.

A drawing tablet comes with a stylus (pen), which is more comfortable and easier to use for designing, as compared to a mouse.

For a newbie designer, it can be confusing whether they should get a drawing tablet that has a screen or a tablet without a screen.

Are drawing tablets with screens better?

The answer is YES. Getting a drawing tablet that has a screen can benefit you in different ways. One of the top benefits is user experience. By using a drawing tablet with a screen, the designer can get a far better experience, as compared to a screenless tablet.

A drawing tablet with a screen display allows the user to see the exact screen on the tablet itself. This way, the designer can work on the project without having to look on the computer screen and maintaining hand-eye coordination.

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Drawing tablets with screens are expensive as compared to ones without screens. This is the reason why most newbies start with screenless tablets.

Whether you should buy a screened drawing tablet or not is based on various factors. Here are some important factors:

  • Budget
  • Priorities
  • Experience level

If you are new to the field and you are on a tight budget, get a screenless drawing tablet. However, if your budget allows, then you should purchase a drawing tablet with a screen display.

Though screenless tablets are less expensive, the main problem is user experience. With a screenless graphic tablet, you will have difficulty using it. After buying, you will take some time to get used to it.

Benefits of Getting A Drawing Tablets That Have Screens

Drawing tablet with screen

Here are some reasons why screened drawing tablets are better than screenless drawing tablets:

Better user experience

Drawing tablets with screens provide far better user experience as compared to the drawing tablets without screens. With a screened tablet, you will have all the drawing & designing options available within the tablet screen.

Work faster

If you need to meet deadlines and want to work faster, getting a drawing tablet that has a screen is recommended. Through a screened drawing tablet, you will get a far better user experience and you would be able to work faster.

No need for hand-eye coordination

One of the main disadvantages of graphic tablets that do not have screens is they require hand-eye coordination. To use them, you need to have well-developed hand-eye coordination. Talking about tablets that have screens, they do not require the designer to have this skill.

Easy to use

As compared to screenless drawing tablets, screened tablets are very easy to use. For a newbie, getting used to a screenless tablet may take some time. As tablets with screens do not require any hand-eye coordination, using them is stress-free.


Both, screened and screenless drawing tablets have their own pros and cons. Which one is right for you can be determined from factors such as your budget, priorities, experience level, skill, etc.

If you are concerned about the user experience and you want to work faster, then you should definitely buy a tablet that has a screen.

On the flip side, if you are budget conscious and you have good hand-eye coordination skills, then you should buy a screenless drawing tablet.