Are Power Banks Safe For Phones?

Are power banks safe for phones? If you use power banks excessively, you need to have an idea about whether it’s safe or not.

Are power banks safe for phones

You must have heard from some people that using power banks damaged their phone’s battery. The question is, ‘Is it true that power banks can damage the phone?’

The power bank is safe for your phone when you use the right one. It is very rare for a power bank to damage a phone’s battery.

If your smartphone’s battery has been damaged by using a power bank, the possible reasons are you were using a poor-quality power bank, you were using a power bank with the wrong voltage, you were overcharging your phone.

The power bank is a great accessory, designed to avoid smartphones running out of battery. Here are some important factors to keep in mind, while buying a new power bank:

  • Storage capacity
  • Voltage rating & current rating
  • Brand of the power bank
  • Your budget
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ampere
  • Size of the power bank

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There are so many power bank manufacturers in the market. If you don’t want your phone’s battery to get affected due to the power bank, it’s imperative to pick from a top manufacturer.

Apart from this, you need to also make sure that the power bank you choose has the correct voltage and current rating.

There is no scientific proof that using a power bank (portable charger) could damage the battery life of a phone or any other device.

When Power Bank is Not Safe for Your Phone?

Here are some cases when the use of power bank could damage your phone’s battery:

When you use poor quality power bank

This is one of the reasons why so many people’s phone battery gets damaged due to the power bank. Avoid using poor quality power bank with your phone and other devices.

People see cheap price deals and offer from random companies, they purchase them, and start using, without thinking about quality.

In short, pick a good quality power bank from a well-known manufacturer.

When your power bank has the wrong voltage

Voltage matters a lot in a power bank. Using a power bank with the wrong voltage can create phone battery problems. Hence, picking a power bank with an ideal voltage is very important.

The ideal voltage for charging a phone is 5V. When you get the power bank with 4.2V or less output, it will drain your phone’s battery.

And, when you get the power bank with more than 5V output, it will damage your smartphone’s circuits.

When you overcharge

Overcharging can also damage the phone’s battery. When you always use the power bank to charge your phone 100%, you have to deal with battery issues on your phone.

You have to understand that power banks are built for emergencies. They are good when you are traveling or when you do not have your phone’s charger with you.

Final Thoughts

Using a power bank to charge the phone is safe. Battery problems arise when you pick the wrong power bank. You can keep your smartphone’s battery safe by keeping in mind the three important factors mentioned above.

In a nutshell, never use poor quality portable chargers, never use the power bank with the wrong voltage, and never overcharge.

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