10 Things To Consider When Buying A Power Bank | Buying Guide

Don’t know what things to consider when buying a power bank? Don’t worry. This detailed power bank buying guide will help you.

Power bank buying guide

As we move to the future, science and technology are bringing us closer to electronic gadgets and devices. We have laptops, smartphones, cameras, speakers, smartwatches, and I can go on and on.

Electronic gadgets have become a crucial part of our lives, and we cannot thank technology enough. However, along with the solution to connect to the world, there arose yet another issue—how to keep these devices from dying?

The answer came around in the form of a power bank. Today, sales of power banks have surpassed the yearly sales of smartphones.

As per a report published by Markets and Markets, the power bank market is estimated to register a CAGR of 10% from 2019 to 2024. The demand for power bank is going to be there for quite a long time. However, certain concerns are worth addressing when it comes to buying a power bank.

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You may not be a technical person. The words like volts, battery cycles, watt, etc. may sound Greek to you. However, you do not have to learn engineering to be able to pick a good power bank.

Below are the top things to consider when buying a power bank:

What is the Conversion/Storage Capacity?

You may think that a power bank with a higher capacity is a good gadget to buy, you may be wrong. Now, there are multiple factors that affect the conversion capacity—heat loss, product lifecycle, and resistance.

As a result, calculate the capacity of a power bank and then make a buying decision. Overall, purchasing a power bank with 6,000mAh or 15,000mAh capacities are found to be good, and can last for a relatively longer time than the others.

How Many Cycles of Charging and Recharging Do you Want?

It is possible that your work or college requires you to commute daily. In such a case, your smartphone would be the go-to-device to seek entertainment. You would not want your smartphone battery to die. Here, you would require your smartphone to run at least 3 cycles of charging.

This is because your smartphone can work for at least 5-6 hours. You may play games, watch videos, and these would drain your battery faster. So, while preparing to buy a power bank for your smartphone, have this question ready.

How Many Cable Ports?

These days, there are so many gadgets working on a chargeable battery. For instance, your Bluetooth headsets. You would also need to charge your headsets and other devices while traveling or away from the charging port.

In such a case, it is crucial that you analyze the number of chargeable devices that you own and then seek a power bank accordingly. In general, you can opt for a power bank with three to four cable ports.

If you have a less number of devices, a power bank with two cable ports can suffice your need.

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Power Indicator

It is important to have a power indicator on your power bank. This way, it helps you find out whether it is fully charged or discharged. It is usually one of the most overlooked features that a power bank possesses. The light of the power bank blinks to indicate the amount of charge it has, while on the charge.

If you overcharge it, the battery may go bad soon. When you overcharge your phone with the power bank for a long time, you may find out that the battery is draining fast, and this is the time you would look for its replacement. As a result, it is essential to have an indicator on your power bank.

Total Time Taken by a Power Bank to Charge

While it is important for a power bank to charge your phone, it is, in turn, crucial to find out about its own charging capacity. Some of the power banks that offer low conversion capacity can get charged easily, while the power banks with high conversion capacities take a lot of time for charging.

As a result, you have to take note of the total time taken by a power bank to charge itself, before buying it. Usually, you should look for power banks with high conversion capacities and low charging time. A power bank should be able to charge to a hundred percent within two hours. Look for the chargers that support QC or fast charge.

Does a Power Bank have an Auto-cut Feature?

You may have bought an expensive smartphone. You are still paying your EMI. Now you buy a cheap power bank without any special features. On top of it, you are so much indulged in your work that you almost forget that you have your phone on charging.

In such a case, the battery of your expensive smartphone is at stake. The best thing you can do to save your smartphone’s battery is to opt for a power bank that offers an auto-cut feature. When your power bank has an auto-cut feature, it would simply stall the charging once the battery capacity of your phone reaches 100%.

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Does Size of a Power Bank Matter?

Yes, it does without a doubt. You are buying a power bank so that you can carry it with you all time. You should be able to carry it even when you do not have a backpack with you. As a result, you should look for a power bank that you can carry in your pocket.

If you are looking for a power bank for your laptop, you may not find it in a compact size. However, it should be a size that you can easily carry in a handbag.

How Much Would You Use a Power Bank?

If you use a power bank, once in every three months, it is better that you do not buy it. This is because a power bank that is not in use for a long time does not operate on its full efficiency.

You can take out your power bank once in a while and charge your phone with it to ensure that it is working properly and is fully charged when you put it back.

So, if you are not a regular user of a power bank, you can consider buying a low capacity one.

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Price of the Power Bank?

The price spectrum of a power bank is broad. Today, there are power banks available from the starting range of Rs. 300 and this can exceed Rs. 2,000, and even more. If you are a regular user of a power bank, it is recommended that you buy quality one. This would not only be worth your money in a long time, but it would also do good to your expensive smartphone, laptop, and other devices.

Ultimately, you do not want to end up buying four power banks in a year. This is the reason why you should opt for a good quality power bank, even if it is a bit expensive than the others.

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Power Bank’s Manufacturer

Ideally, you should look for a brand while buying a power bank.

Look, a power bank is an electronic gadget. If you buy it from a company with low development experience, you may end up purchasing a power bak with shortcomings. I am not generalizing this, but let’s get it clear to trust the brands.

Leading brands, in fact, sell power banks at a high cost than the others. However, these also come in with a warranty. During the warranty period, if your power bank stops working abruptly, you can claim a refund or get a replacement. All said and done, look for a branded power bank.


Buying a power bank can be a tedious task. You have to consider multiple factors to ensure that you are buying a good product that is worthy of your money.

However, the first step is to analyze your needs—what is the frequency of usage, how many devices do you need to charge, how many people would use your power bank, etc.

This would help you understand the number of battery cycles that your gadgets would need. Also, look for the brand quotient, along with the price and quality of the power bank that you are deciding to buy.


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