Is A Gaming Keyboard Worth It?

Are you wondering does gaming keyboard make a difference? In this post, I’ll tell you whether you should use your standard keyboard or buy a new keyboard for gaming.

Is a gaming keyboard worth it

For someone who is just getting started with gaming, it is good to know whether he/she will need a new keyboard, or the existing regular keyboard would be fine.

Is a gaming keyboard worth it?

A gaming keyboard is worth it only when it has essential features like mechanical switches, macro buttons, a wired connection, and RGB lighting (depends on your preferences). Various features in gaming keyboards set them apart from regular keyboards out there in the market.

Gaming keyboards are built especially for enhancing the gaming experience. The features will not make your in-game better, but they will enhance your overall gameplay experience.

If you are a pro gamer, you can consider buying a keyboard for gaming. You need to make sure the keyboard has all the features which can enhance your gameplay experience.

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What Makes A Gaming Keyboard Good?

As we have seen, gaming keyboards are worth it only when they have all the necessary features. Here are some features that make a gaming keyboard good:

Mechanical switches

One of the major significant which affect the overall gaming experience is mechanical switches. Most gamers prefer using mechanical keyboards because they are durable, faster, and tactile. Although mechanical keyboards are quite expensive, they can deliver the best gaming experience.

As every gamer is different, preference for keyboard type may differ from one gamer to another. Most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards, while some prefer membrane keyboards.

Wired connection

For gaming, it is advisable to use a wired keyboard connection rather than a wireless one. Various drawbacks of wireless keyboards make them unsuitable for gaming.

The major problem with a wireless keyboard will be lagging. Apart from this, wireless keyboards are quite expensive, and they also require regular charging. If you are a pro gamer, consider getting a keyboard with a wired connection.

With a wired gaming keyboard, you would get a reliable and stable connection. The best thing is wired keyboards are affordable than wireless keyboards.


Gaming keyboard backlighting

Backlighting in a gaming keyboard can boost the gameplay experience in the dark or low-lit environment. A gaming keyboard may have one-color backlight or RGB.

Various keyboards also have backlighting customization feature, so that users can add customization as per their preferences. The keyboard cost can increase heavily depending on whether it has RGB backlighting.

Wrist rest

Does your selected gaming keyboard have a wrist rest pad? Getting a detachable wrist rest pad ensures a hassle-free and comfortable gameplay experience.

If you are who spends long hours in front of the computer, playing games, you should look for a rest pad while buying a gaming keyboard.

Multimedia and macro keys

Some other features that make a gaming keyboard good are macro keys and multimedia keys. The number of multimedia and macro keys will vary based on the keyboard brand and model you select.

Using multimedia keys, you can control various music options like play, pause, next track, previous track, volume up/down, etc. In macro keys, you can add custom commands.


Keyboard anti-ghosting means you can press as many keys at the same time. It allows you to press multiple keys and have them register.

When you press multiple keys in a normal keyboard, most of the keys will be ignored. In normal keyboards, there will be a limit for how many keys you can press simultaneously.

To get a fantastic gameplay experience, make sure your keyboard has anti-ghosting keys.


In short, gaming keyboards do make a difference only when they have essential features. Many brands out there add some basic features and call it a gaming keyboard.

A good gaming keyboard is the one that has mechanical switches, a wired connection, backlighting (RGB or single-color), wrist rest pad, macro keys, multimedia keys, and anti-ghosting keys.

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