How To Buy The BEST Bluetooth Speaker? | BUYING GUIDE

Finding difficulty choose the right Bluetooth speaker? Don’t worry. This Bluetooth speaker buying guide includes important things you need to know before buying a new speaker.

Bluetooth speaker buying guide

What’s a better entertainment device than a Bluetooth/wireless speaker?

At present, you will find Bluetooth speakers from various manufacturers. With so many options available, picking the right one can be a tedious task. You will find speakers costing more than Rs. 10,000 and speakers under Rs. 1,000 as well.

This detailed guide includes everything you need to know about Bluetooth speakers. Let’s start with the definition:

What is Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth speaker is a loudspeaker device which receives audio signals through radio frequency (RF), and not through audio cables.

Bluetooth speaker is the best way of listening to music from your smartphone, tablet, or any other device with Bluetooth technology. As the Bluetooth speaker will be connected wirelessly with your smartphone, you do not have to mess with wiring.

To listen to music on the speaker from your smartphone device (or any other), you just need to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and pair it with the speaker.

Benefits of Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker

One thing is obvious that traditional wired speakers can’t beat the modern, wireless Bluetooth speakers. Here are some advantages of Bluetooth speakers describing why you should buy a wireless Bluetooth speaker, and not wired speaker:


One of the main reasons why people love using Bluetooth speakers is due to their portability. Bluetooth speakers are portable and easy to carry. You can carry a Bluetooth speaker anywhere you want to.

No installation

Unlike traditional speakers, there won’t be any installation requirements with a Bluetooth speaker. As we know, Bluetooth speakers are connected wirelessly using a Bluetooth technology device like a smartphone, you won’t require any other device to play the music.

Better experience

Another thing that makes Bluetooth speakers better as compared to wired speakers is user experience. With a wireless speaker, you do not have to mess with wiring and cables. To listen to your favorite songs on a wireless speaker, you just need to pair it with your smart device.

Another thing that sets apart Bluetooth speakers from traditional speakers is sound quality. Nowadays, you will find Bluetooth speakers with high-quality sound, at a very reasonable price.

Low power consumption

The power consumption by Bluetooth speakers is far less as compared to traditional speakers. The good thing about wireless speakers is you do not have to keep them plugged while using. They run on batteries. To use the speaker, you just need to charge it. The battery life of a Bluetooth speaker will vary depending on its quality.

Connect with different devices

The smartphone isn’t the only device through which you can play music on a Bluetooth speaker. Apart from smartphones, you can also use the speaker by connecting it with a computer, laptop, or tablet device. In short, the device with Bluetooth technology can be connected with a Bluetooth speaker.

Types of Bluetooth Speaker

Types of Bluetooth speakers

You will find different types of Bluetooth speakers in the market. The size, design, features, etc. of the speaker could vary depending on the type you select.  No matter what type of speaker you select, getting quality should be your top priority.

Before getting a particular type of speaker, you need to be clear about your usage. It is essential, as different speaker types come in different sizes, designs, and features. Here are different types of Bluetooth speaker:

  • Capsule shaped Bluetooth speaker
  • Pocket Bluetooth speaker
  • Mini Bluetooth speaker
  • Tower speaker
  • Trolly Bluetooth speaker
  • Soundbar speaker

These are various types of wireless speakers you will find in the market. Which type of speaker you should pick is mainly based on your usage, sounding experience you want to get, and most importantly, your budget.

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What To Consider When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker?

Due to so many brands and Bluetooth speaker types in the market, choosing the right speaker can get a bit confusing. Here are important things you need to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker:

Sound quality

This is an obvious thing. You are buying a speaker to listen to music and enjoy it. The speaker with poor audio quality can ruin your entire mood. Hence, it is advisable to invest some extra money in getting a good quality speaker, so that you can enjoy great music experience.

If we talk about the speaker’s sound quality, the frequency response is something important. The frequency response is the range at which the speaker can reproduce sound. It is measured in Hertz. The human audio spectrum or sound audible to humans is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

20 Hz indicates low frequency, and 20,000 Hz indicates top frequency. Most of us won’t be able to hear if the sound goes less than 20 Hz. However, the low frequency means a better level of bass in a speaker.

Battery life

No matter how great quality sound a particular Bluetooth speaker has, what if it runs out of battery quickly? It will be frustrating, right? This is the reason why you need a Bluetooth speaker that has great battery life.

Depending on your usage, your requirement for battery life may differ. Small Bluetooth speakers have small batteries, due to which, they run out of battery very quickly. If you want the speaker with good battery life, consider getting a larger speaker.

The battery life of an average speaker could be from four to ten hours.

Note that the battery life of a speaker will be also affected based on how louder you play on the speaker. The louder you play, the more battery life it is likely to consume.

JBL Bluetooth speaker


You will find speakers of different types and sizes. The selection should be based on your purpose and usage. If you want a Bluetooth speaker that is easy to carry, get a pocket Bluetooth speaker. Note that this type of speaker is easy to carry, but because it has a small battery, it will require charging more often.

The benefits of getting a larger Bluetooth speaker are they have a good battery lifespan, they have great audio quality, and they come with louder volume.


Bluetooth speakers are of various types. Some popular Bluetooth speaker types are Capsule shaped speakers, Pocket Bluetooth speakers, Mini Bluetooth speakers, Tower speakers, Trolly Bluetooth speakers, and Soundbar speakers.

Depending on your budget, usage, and preferences, you can pick the right one from different Bluetooth speaker types.


It is up to your usage whether you need a water-resistant speaker or not. As Bluetooth speakers have high portability, they can be carried anywhere. Some people prefer getting waterproof speakers because they want to enjoy the music experience at the beach or poolside.

Connecting multiple speakers

This feature may or may not be important to you. If you want your Bluetooth speaker to be able to connect with multiple speakers, then you need to get a Bluetooth speaker like JBL Flip 3. If you will buy more than one Bluetooth speaker, it’s worth considering this feature. Through this feature, you can enjoy a louder music experience.


Nowadays, people prefer using wireless Bluetooth speakers instead of traditional wired speakers. The main reason is portability. Bluetooth speakers can be carried anywhere and can be played without worrying about wiring or cables.

In the market, you will find Bluetooth speakers of different designs, sizes, shapes, and types from different manufacturers. Due to this, choosing an ideal speaker can be a tedious task.

This post will help you select the right speaker. In this Bluetooth speaker buying guide, I have talked about the benefits & types of Bluetooth speakers and things to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

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