10 Best 2.1 Speakers With Bluetooth in India (2023 UPDATED)

Want to buy a new 2.1 Bluetooth speaker? This post is for you. In this post, I have shared the list of 10 best 2.1 speakers with Bluetooth in India.

Best 2.1 speakers with Bluetooth in India

Speakers are a great source of entertainment. You will find different types of speakers in the market. You need to select the right speaker based on your requirements and budget.

In the market, you will find different speaker systems like 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, and even 7.1 speaker systems. The multimedia speaker system could be wireless (Bluetooth) or wired.

The price will differ based on the speaker system, manufacturer, and features of the speaker.

What Are 2.1 Speakers?

2.1 is the speaker system in which, you get two regular stereo speakers and a subwoofer for extra bass. The number of stereo speakers will be different in different speaker systems.

If we talk about the 2.0 speaker system, it comes with two regular stereo speakers only and it does not include a subwoofer.

The 5.1 speaker system consists of 5 regular speakers and one subwoofer for extra bass. Similarly, the 7.1 speaker system has 7 regular speakers and one subwoofer.

What Are 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity nowadays. The reason is portability. Bluetooth speakers are so easy to carry and use. With a Bluetooth speaker, you do not have to mess with wiring and cables.

A 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system includes two regular stereo speakers and a subwoofer with Bluetooth technology. To use a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system, you need to pair it with your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth device.

If you want to buy the best 2.1 speakers with Bluetooth, this post will guide you.

10 Best 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

To help you find the speaker system from the right manufacturer, I did the research and shortlisted these ten 2.1 Bluetooth speakers:


Zebronics Computer Multimedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker

Zebronics Computer Multimedia 2.1 Speaker with Bluetooth


This multimedia speaker by Zebronics is one of the best computer speakers with a subwoofer. If you are planning to buy a new 2.1 speaker for your computer, this is a good choice.

The things that set apart this speaker from other speakers in the market are its quality and price.

This 2.1 multimedia Bluetooth speaker comes with an output power of 34 watts. Its frequency response is 40Hz-20kHz.

The overall design and color of this speaker system give it a classy look. The control settings for volume, bass, treble, etc. are on the subwoofer cabinet.

Except for Bluetooth, other connectivity options are USB, SD, and AUX support. The speaker also has a built-in FM radio.


  • 27 watts output power
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Multi-connectivity options
  • Subwoofer, Remote Control
  • Blue LED power indicator


Sony SA-D20 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Sony SA-D20 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System


This 2.1 speaker system by Sony comes with 60W of power output. With this stylish looking speaker system, you will get two stereo speakers and one large subwoofer for powerful bass.

If you love bass, this speaker system is for you. The large subwoofer delivers the great bass sound.

It has two connectivity options, Bluetooth and USB. As per your preference, you can enjoy the music wirelessly or via USB.

You can connect this 2.1 speaker system with your smartphone, television, PC, or music player and enjoy the music.


  • 60W power output
  • Large subwoofer for powerful bass sound
  • Supplied with remote control
  • USB and audio-in playback
  • Connect with Bluetooth without hassle


Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System


The design of this speaker system is quite unique as compared to the speaker designs, we normally see. The overall look is classy and stylish.

The speaker system has an 80W sound output.

As per your preference, you can connect and play the music via USB or Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connectivity option allows you to play your favorite songs without messing with cables & wiring.

You can use these speakers while playing games, watching movies, watching online videos, etc.

If you love listening to high bass songs, this speaker system is the best. It has great sound quality, and it provides powerful bass.


  • 80W sound output
  • Powerful bass experience
  • Connect via USB and Bluetooth
  • Remote to control
  • Compatible with mobiles, computers, laptops, tablets, and TVs


Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 Speakers System


If you are finding computer speakers with a subwoofer, this is the best one. This 2.1 high-performance speaker system is designed especially for computer and laptop users.

The all-black, shiny look of this speaker system by Creative makes it appealing. It has an output sound of 50 watts.

It has a wooden subwoofer cabinet, which delivers high power bass. The wireless remote control allows controlling the speaker system from a bit far distance. With its remote control, you can adjust FM radio frequency, regulate volume, change tracks, adjust equalizer settings, etc.

You can connect and use this 2.1 speaker system with your television, laptop, computer, gaming console, etc. devices.


  • 16 watts of sound output
  • Wooden subwoofer cabinet delivers great bass sound
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Wireless remote control for adjustments & settings
  • Built-in equalizer settings


Philips Audio MMS2625B 32W 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth

Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Channel Speakers System


This one is another 2.1 channel speaker system by Philips. The speaker system supports all the devices with Bluetooth technology. You can easily pair your device with these speakers and enjoy the music.

You can see the design of the subwoofer of this speaker system is quite unique. It is designed in such a manner to deliver powerful and deeper bass.

You can connect Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 channel speakers’ system with mobiles, tablets, TVs, computers, and laptops.

You can also listen to radio on this speaker system, through its FM turner feature. Through wireless remote control, you can change tracks, do volume settings, etc.


  • Powerful bass
  • It has FM radio
  • Wireless remote control
  • Ideal speaker system for PC, TV, MP3, CD, etc.
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB


Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Multimedia Speakers


This multimedia speaker system by Philips comes with 60 watts output sound. Through its Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair it with your device & enjoy the music.

The total output power of both speakers is 30W (15W x 2) and the output power of the subwoofer is 30W.

This is one of the best 2.1 speaker systems for gaming. The subwoofer has a long tube design, which generates more bass.

Apart from Bluetooth, you have many other connectivity options with this speaker system. You can use it via Bluetooth, USB, SD card, AUX, and CD.

The wireless remote control will allow you to control & adjust the settings of the speaker system. With its remote, you can control the bass, volume, change tracks, etc.


  • 60 watts sound output
  • Power bass
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Wireless remote control
  • You can use it with mobiles, PCs, laptops, TVs, and tablets


F&D F550X 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speakers

F&D F550X 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speakers


F&D F550X is another 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system. This speaker system comes with 42 watts of sound output: 14 watts of satellite speakers and 28 watts subwoofer.

Inside the package, you will receive a wireless remote. With the help of remote control, you can do volume adjustment, bass control, etc.

The speakers come with a stylish square design. And, it also has a stainless-steel grill which helps to protect from rust and corrosion.

To deliver you the best bass experience, it has a pure wood bass cabinet. The LED screen on the upper center of the subwoofer is easy to read.

Apart from Bluetooth, you can also connect this 2.1 speaker system via USB, AUX, or SD reader. If we take into account all its features, it is one of the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 price range.


  • 42 watts output
  • Control wirelessly through a remote control
  • Rust-proof metal grill
  • Blue LED screen on the subwoofer
  • The pure wood bass cabinet provides great sound quality


F&D A180X 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speakers

F&D A140X 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speakers


This multimedia Bluetooth speaker system by F&D comes with loud and high-quality bass. Apart from this, it also has clear audio quality.

It has 3-inch full-range drivers for satellites and 4-inch bass driver for the sub woofer. This means better sound clarity and powerful bass.

The matte finish gives a clean and classy look to the speaker system. It comes with a stainless-steel grill that helps to protect from rust or corrosion.

Another great feature of this 2.1 speaker system is it has 4.0 Bluetooth technology. Hence, you would be able to play the music from a pretty far distance (up to 15 meters).

It also comes with multiple connectivity options. You can play the music via Bluetooth, plug & play USB reader, AUX, or FM.


  • 42 watts
  • Pure wood cabinet for quality bass
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Rust-proof metal grill
  • Wireless remote control


Panasonic SC-HT250GW-K 56 W Bluetooth Home Theatre

Panasonic HiFi Speaker System


This is another top 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system under 5000 INR pricing.

The speaker system delivers 45 watts sound output: 20 watts subwoofer and 25 watts (12.5 x 2) both speakers.

The wireless remote control allows us to control the music settings from a bit far distance.

For using this speaker system, you have different connectivity options. You can connect it via Bluetooth, USB, or even AUX.

The bass quality is not effective as compared to other speakers we have seen on this list. If you are very much concerned about the bass quality, go with any other option in this list.


  • 45 watts sound output
  • Lightweight
  • Remote control
  • FM radio
  • Wall mountable speaker system


F&D A521X 52 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker

F&D F380X 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speakerscheck_price

This one is another F&D 2.1 speaker system. F&D has designed this product with the focus to provide better sound quality and powerful bass. It comes with a 5.25-inch bass driver for subwoofer.

Its subwoofer frequency response is 30Hz-90Hz and its satellite frequency response is 110Hz-20kHz.

The Bluetooth speaker system can be connected with different devices such as mobiles, laptops, computers, TVs, DVDs, etc. And there are wide connectivity options available: Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and RCA.

Bluetooth 4.0 of this speaker system ensures quick pairing and better connectivity from a far distance.


  • 54 watts sound output
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 5.25″ bass driver for subwoofer
  • Compatible with devices like mobiles, computers, laptops, TVs, etc.
  • Different connectivity options

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If you are finding a speaker system for your PC, TV, watching videos, or just for listening to music, a 2.1 speaker system is the best.

2.1 is the speaker system in which you get two stereo speakers and one subwoofer.

As there are so many manufacturers and models of 2.1 speakers in the market, it can be confusing to select the right model from the right brand. To help you find the right one, I have shared the list of best 2.1 speakers with Bluetooth in India.

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