F&D F550x Vs F380x Comparison – 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

Are you confused between F&D F550x and F&D F380x 2.1 multimedia channel Bluetooth speakers? This F&D 550x vs F380x comparison post will help you.

F&D F550x vs F380x speakers

Speakers come in different types, sizes, designs, and shapes. Depending on your purpose, usage, and budget, you can buy a bookshelf speaker, tower speaker, cheap Bluetooth speaker, 2.1 multimedia speaker, or any other type of speaker.

2.1 multimedia speakers are ideal for different purposes. You can use them for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc. And, depending on the available connectivity options of the speaker, you can connect it with your TV, computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. devices.

In this post, I will compare two 2.1 Bluetooth speakers from F&D: F550x and F380x models. Both, F&D F550x and F&D F380x speakers are priced under Rs. 5,000.

Here, I have talked about design, connectivity options, specifications, pros, and cons of both speakers to help you pick the right one.


F&D F550x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

F&D F550x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers


Design is one of the main differences between F550x and F380x speakers. F&D F550x speakers come with an elegant square design. There is an X-theme on the f550x speaker. The same X-theme is also on the satellite speakers of this 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system.

The speakers come with huge, rust-proof metal grill. The stainless steel, metal grill is on the woofer as well as the satellite speakers. It provides protection against rust and corrosion.

F&D F380x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

F&D F380x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers


The design of F380x 2.1 speaker system is different from F550x. It has a 5.25-inch subwoofer. The subwoofer will allow you to enjoy quality music experience.

The subwoofer has neon multicolor light. This light can further enhance the music experience in the full dark room.


Before getting any speaker, you need to make sure it will be compatible with your device. You may want to connect your speaker with your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, music player, or any other.

Both F550x and F380x are compatible with all the major devices.

No matter whether you choose F550x or F380x, through different connectivity options, you would be able to connect with your television, computer, mobiles, DVD, iPod, laptop, etc. devices.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options will differ from one speaker system to another. While buying a new speaker system, you need to make sure your desired connectivity option is available.

For example, you may want your speaker system to work wirelessly. For the wireless connection, the speaker needs to have Bluetooth connectivity option.

Connectivity options of both speakers are also the same. F550x or F380x, both can be connected via Bluetooth, AUX, USB, or RCA. Depending on your preference, you can connect the speaker with your device wirelessly or wired connection.

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of F550x and F380x speakers:

F&D F550x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

  • Multicolor light
  • Clean LED display
  • Powerful bass
  • Quick Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stylish X-theme design
  • Can’t control bass from the remote control

F&D F380x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

  • Quick Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multicolor LED lights
  • Strong bass
  • Bass and treble buttons are at the back
  • TV volume is quite less


F&D F550x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

This speaker system comes with 28 watts subwoofer maximum output power. Talking about satellite speakers, one satellite speaker has 14 watts output power. 28 watts (subwoofer) and 28 watts (two satellite speakers), totals to 56 watts speaker system output power.

F550x subwoofer has 30Hz-110Hz frequency response, and its satellite speaker frequency response is 130Hz-20kHz.

F&D F380x 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers

This speaker system also has 28 watts subwoofer maximum output power. However, one satellite speaker has 13 watts output power. 28 watts (subwoofer) and 26 watts (two satellite speakers), it totals to 54 watts speaker system output power.

The subwoofer of F380x has 30Hz-90Hz frequency response, while its satellite speaker frequency response is 110Hz-20kHz.

F&D F550x vs F380x Comparison Table

Here are some differences between these two 2.1 speaker systems:



By comparing these two speakers, we can say that both speakers are the same in terms of music experience and performance. The common things between them are connectivity options, compatible devices, remote control, and wireless connectivity option (Bluetooth).

The price of both speaker systems is also almost the same, which is under Rs. 5000 range. Between F&D F550x Vs F380x speakers, we recommend buying F&D F550x.

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