7 Exciting Features of SmartWatches

Smartwatches are different from regular watches. There are various features of SmartWatches that make them exciting for users. In this post, we will share some best smartwatch features.

7 exciting features of smartwatches

The features and advantages vary from one smartwatch model to another. Smartwatches are different from normal watches in so many ways. They are not limited to seeing the current time and date.

Depending upon the smartwatch model you buy, you get various features and benefits. Though features may differ from one smartwatch to another, some features are common in all the smartwatches.

People often get confused between smartwatches and fitness bands. Smartwatches are built for fitness tracking, notifications, incoming calls, etc. Talking about fitness bands, they are built mainly for health & fitness tracking.

Features/Benefits of Smart Watches

Whether you’ll buy Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, or any other brand’s watch, some functionalities will be common. Here are different smartwatch features and benefits:

1. Applications

smartwatch applications

The major benefit of smartwatches is they support different apps. Different apps in the smartwatch make the day to day life easy. With Android smartwatches, you can get access to various apps like Lifesum, IFTTT, and Shazam. And with Apple smartwatches, you can get access to various apps like Calcbot, Camera Plus, CARROT Fit, Evernote, and Citymaper.

2. Notifications

notifications in smartwatches

Just like you receive notifications in your smartphone, smartwatches also alert you of important activities or events with notifications. The smart watch notifications can be from business, applications, social media channels, and connected smart devices. Notifications are one of the most popular features of a smartwatch. Receiving notifications helps you by managing your day-to-day life.

3. Calling/Messaging Features

calling and messaging features in smartwatches

You can easily connect your smart watch with your smartphone. Connecting the smartwatch with a smartphone not just helps you to receive notifications, but it also helps you calling and messaging. The calling and messaging features of a smartwatch avoid the hassle of picking the smartphone while calling or messaging. It also makes your work easy when you are a bit far away from your phone.

4. Travel Guide

traveling features in smartwatches

A smartwatch can also work as your travel guide. For example, Apple Smartwatches deliver vibrations to the wrist to tell which direction you should move. This way, you do not have to keep your eye on the map on your smartphone.

5. Health & Fitness Features

Smartwatches have so much health & fitness features. If you are a fitness freak, a smartwatch can be your perfect partner during the workout. And if you are health conscious, it can help you with various health monitoring features. Some of the health and fitness features are workout tracking (yoga, hiking, running, walking, cycling, HIIT, swimming, wheelchair, etc.), heart rate, heart health, fall detection, and sleep tracking.

6. Longer Battery

smartwatch battery efficiency

Many people think they don’t need a smartwatch because they already have their mobile phone doing all the activities. But one of the great features of smartwatches is they have a long-lasting battery. If you are planning for a trip, a smart watch can be a good investment. Depending upon the brand you have selected, the battery life varies.

7. Helps You Find Things

find missing stuff easily with smartwatch

It becomes frustrating when we lose our keys, smartphones, headphones, etc. But, not with the smartwatch. Smartwatches have different apps that allow the connection with car keys, headphones, and other electronic devices. By connecting your smartwatch with different smart devices, you can easily find your missing device through trackers.

Final Thoughts

Many people think the features of smartwatches are similar to smartphones. People often think smartwatches are a waste of money because they have the same features as smartphones. However, smartphone and smartwatch both are different devices. Both have their own features and functionalities.

A smartwatch is more than just a time teller. It provides features like stopwatch, clock, navigation, fitness tracking, health monitoring, calling, messaging, personal assistant, notifications, traveling guide, and entertainment.

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