Smartwatch Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The trend of smartwatches is increasing nowadays. This smartwatch buying guide will guide you to pick the perfect watch for you.

Smartwatch buying guide

Among different tech gadgets out there, the smartwatch is one of the most popular and useful ones. Smartwatches come with features such as wireless connection, responding to calls/texts, fitness tracking, social media notifications, and many others. These amazing features of smartwatches make them ideal gadget for everyone.

Smartwatch Buying Guide

As there are so many smartwatch brands in the market, you may find difficulty choosing the right watch. Smartwatches are of the various price range, features, designs, and styles. Here are the factors you need to consider while buying a smartwatch:

1. Display

The smartwatch display is the major factor you need to consider. Getting a watch with a color LCD screen or AMOLED display allows you to view photos and apps with a great experience. While buying a smartwatch, select the one that has a richer display color so that you can gain a better user experience.

The only downside of rich color display watches is that they have shorter battery life. If your budget allows, you can choose the high-end smartwatch that comes with a high-quality display and longer battery life.

2. Button or Touch

Whether you should buy a button or touch screen smartwatch is highly based on your preferences. Though both of them have their pros and cons. But one thing I noticed is touch screen display smartwatches are gaining more popularity as compared to button watches. Depending upon your preferences, decide between the button and touch screen watch.

3. Personalization

Depending upon the smartwatch brand you select, you will have different customization & personalization options available. It includes a variety of straps, band colors, face color, size, etc.

4. Budget

It is essential to know your budget before buying. Depending upon your budget, you may have different varieties for smartwatches available. If your budget is less, you will get the watch with limited features. With a higher price range watch, you will get amazing features.

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5. OS and device compatibility

Before buying any smartwatch, make sure it will work with your smartphone. Sometimes, people buy the watch that isn’t compatible with their smartphone and later they have to go through the exchange process.

Let say, if you buy an Apple Watch, you can’t connect it with any Android device. The operating system and device compatibility will differ from one smartwatch brand to another.

6. Notifications & alerts

After pairing the smartwatch with your smartphone, you will get notifications for text messages, calls, social media posts, etc. through sound, vibration, or both. Different smartwatches have a different way for notifications and alerts. Many watches show messages on the display screen. Hence select the smartwatch that alerts when you receive any notification.

7. Apps

There are so many smartwatch apps for various activities. Apps can be for health & fitness, weather checking, navigation, social media, etc. Various apps help to enhance the experience with the smartwatch.

8. Voice commands

Buying a smartwatch that allows voice control and voice commands can smoothen the user experience. Voice commands allow you to control the device even when you are busy doing something. Many smartwatches nowadays come with this capability.

9. Features

With a decent smartwatch, you can expect to get basic features correctly. Based on a smartwatch you select; its features would differ. The best smartwatch comes with features like GPS, physical activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, barometers, pedometers, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and many others.

Final Thoughts

In this smartwatch buying guide, I have listed some of the important factors to keep in mind while buying a smartwatch. Hence, make sure to keep in mind these points before buying.

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