Compare Corsair K55 vs Logitech G413: Top Gaming Keyboards

Are you confused between Corsair K55 RGB and Logitech G 413 gaming keyboards? In this post, I have compared Corsair K55 vs Logitech G413 to help you find the best keyboard for gaming.

Corsair k55 vs Logitech g 413

Corsair K55 RGB and Logitech G 413 are top gaming keyboards for Rs. 5000 price range. If you are confused between these two keyboards, this comparison post will help you.

A gaming keyboard makes a difference only when it has all the essential features. Hence, when you buy a gaming keyboard, these are the things you need to consider:

  • Switch type
  • Macro buttons
  • RGB light
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Wrist rest
  • Price

To help you select the right gaming keyboard between Corsair K55 and Logitech G413, here I’ll compare design, media controls, macro keys, RGB light, and other features of both keyboards.


Both, K55 and G 413 are designed a bit differently.

Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 keyboard has three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting. Its three-zone dynamic backlighting is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience.

If you often spend long hours in front of your desktop screen, you need a keyboard that can provide comfort to your hands.

Corsair K55 gaming keyboard comes with a detachable soft rubber wrist rest, which provides excellent support. It enhances the gameplay.

Logitech G 413 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G 413 Gaming Keyboard

The keycaps lighting of Logitech G413 is clean and precise. Its backlit is designed in such a manner to avoid distraction and keep the keys visible. It will enhance your late-night gameplay experience.

The Aircraft-grade 5052 Aluminum Top Case of G413 gaming keyboard ensures quality.

Media Controls

The media control feature is something gamers need in a keyboard. With in-built media control in a keyboard, you can have instant control over music and volume.

Talking about Corsair K55, it has dedicated volume and media control buttons on the upper right of the keyboard.

Logitech G413 also has built-in media controls. It has an FN key for controlling the computer’s volume, play & pause, skip track, mute, enter gaming mode, etc.

Macro Buttons

On the left side of the Corsair K55 keyboard, there are six dedicated macro keys. These macro keys are programmable. Depending on your requirements, you can add special commands to these keys through Elegato Stream Deck software.

Talking about the Logitech G413 keyboard, it does not have dedicated macro keys. Its F1 to F12 keys support custom functions. You can use Logitech Gaming Software for adding commands to macro keys.

Corsair K55 vs Logitech G413: Comparison Table

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RGB Lighting

Pro gamers often look for RGB lighting while buying a gaming keyboard. The RGB lighting in K55 and G413 is quite different.

Corsair K55 has appealing three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting with more than ten RGB lighting modes. You can choose from different lighting effects.

Talking about Logitech G413, it does not have multiple zone dynamic backlighting. It has a Precision Single LED Backlit. Its clear and Precise Single LED Backlit will avoid distraction while playing games.

Depending on the gamer, preference for backlit may vary. Some gamers prefer keyboards with multiple zone dynamic RGB backlighting, while some like single backlit.

Included Components

Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard

  • Keyboard
  • Detachable full-length wrist rest
  • Quick start guide

Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard

  • Keyboard
  • Quick start guide

Final Thoughts

K55 and G413 are amazing gaming keyboards. In this comparison post, we have talked about different features and functionalities of both the keyboards.

The thing I liked about Corsair K55 is the wrist rest pad, which is missing in Logitech G413. Apart from this, K55’s three-zone RGB backlit gives a fantastic gameplay experience.

By considering all the features of both gaming keyboards, I would recommend K55 over G413.

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